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Scribe Mark Schreiver returns to the ‘Dutch Wife’ emporium 
[From Tokyo Weekender 26:3, Feb 17, 1995]

Each weekday shortly after 11 a.m., the telephone starts ringing
in Yoshitsugu Mitsui’s small office near Okachimachi Station in
Tokyo’s Taito Ward. A typical caller might be an out-of-town
businessman, visiting Tokyo from some provincial city; the next,
a handicapped man, calling from home. Occasionally, Mitsui’s
caller is a concerned parent or relative, seeking counsel and
advice on behalf of a severely handicapped son.

Mitsui, 32, invariably sits listening patiently. When he detects
signs of hesitation on his callers’ part, as is often the case,
he urges them to air their concerns openly. “Nandemo hanasemasu
kara, dozo” (Please feel free to talk about anything), he says.
“We will respect your privacy.” Privacy is a major issue with
Orient Kogyo Company, Mitsui’s employer. The firm’s sole
products, sold from that single outlet in Ueno and nowhere else
on this planet, are a trio of life-size female mannequins,
referred to in Japanese by the term “Dutch Wife.” Their purpose
is to provide the company’s all-male clientele with a substitute
for having sex with a real woman.

Whether the users manage to achieve this or not is a matter of
opinion, but the dolls, which range in price from ¥150,000 to
¥258,000, are remarkable in any case. For although a huge variety
of sex devices--including a variety of full-size human
reproductions--are openly advertised and sold in Japan, Orient
Kogyo without a doubt boasts the most realistic items of their

Ten years ago on an assignment for Weekender, this writer first
made the acquaintance of Mitsui’s predecessor at Orient Kogyo,
who touted the virtues of Omokage (price: ¥150,000), at that time
the company’s newest product. He also vowed that his company was
engaged in ambitious R&D efforts to produce an even more
sophisticated model. Over the past 10 years, the company has in
fact developed two: Kagerai (price: ¥198,000), which made its
debut in 1987, and Eika (¥258,000), introduced in 1992. Suffice
to say, they represent the state of the art in ersatz sex.

The names of the two newer models are variations on “Omokage,”
which loosely translates as “fleeting memory”, a term that
suggests the strong element of fantasy obviously needed to arouse
the user.

But the creator of these mannequins also seems to be wrapped up
in a fantasy of his own. As one of the attractive color brochures
produced by the company explains, “One by one, each and every
rnusume (daughter) grows to maturity under our loving care... The
day that she leaves us to form a bond with you is also the day
that we, Orient Kogyo, accept our obligation as parents of the

Obviously from the hefty prices of its products, Orient Kogyo is
obliged to offer considerably more than the inflatable rubber
dolls dispensed from “adult toy” shops found in Kabuki-cho and
other major drinking areas. Indeed, the company has promoted its
products with the slogan, “except for feelings and blood, she’s
the closest thing to a real Woman!” Mitsui’s eyes started to
glaze over as he described the improvements incorporated into
Eika, the newest model.

“We’ve developed one-touch snap-fasteners that permit Eika’s
limbs to be quickly attached and removed. She also has movable
joints and her head turns from side to side.”

Another new improvement, Mitsui goes on to explain, is Eika’s
skin. Orient Kogyo added other compounds to the latex to give it
better stability and a more natural texture. A more robust
construction has given Eika the heaviest weight (approx. 9.5 kg.)
of the trio, which enables it to support users weighing up to 145
kilograms (320 pounds) without incurring damage. [How many of our
readers can make the same boast? Ed .]

For an additional ¥58,000, Orient Kogyo will supply an extra pair
of legs bent at the knees. This popular option enables the
mannequin to be set upright in a sitting position; according to
Mitsui, as well as to allow users to vary the position from the
male superior (i.e., the so-called missionary position) to rear
entry, or what the Japanese refer to as “bakku.”

Finally, for owners whose desires include experiencing a tryst
with a foreigner, Eika’s lovely Japanese head can be
non-violently detached (Henry VIII would no doubt have been
impressed) to accommodate one with foreign features and blue
eyes, this for an additional outlay of ¥29,000 (or ¥48,000 with
a brunette wig included). The new model’s higher prices have not
necessarily been a barrier to sales. “Customers seem to prefer
the more expensive ones,” Mitsui says. “They expect to get more
satisfaction for their money.” The science of producing such
mannequins is nowhere nearly as complex as producing htunan
clones in the laboratory, but is nonetheless painstakingly slow.
Orient Kogyo first takes impressions from the face and body of
young female models, in the manner similar to production of a
death mask. The trunk, limbs and head are produced using natural
latex rubber. (A single doll uses the same amount of latex as
does about 13,000 condoms.) In addition to producing a solid
body, the surface of the doll’s “skin” is marked by fine details,
including contours of a collarbone, manicured fingernails and
toenails, a navel and realistic bumps on the aureole of the
nipples. Like a child’s doll the eyes close when placed in a
horizontal position.

All three of the dolls have slightly different heights, body
proportions and faces. Oraokage, the oldest of the trio, is the
tallest at 158 cm. and the most zoftig at 88cm. Kagem/at 153 cm.
(5'3") is the most petite. Eika stands 155 cm. and features an 87
cm. bust and 88 cm. hips. Although the dolls are indeed striking
in their physical charms, the key to satisfying those who employ
them for the chief purpose for which they were intended is
approximating the sensation of sex with a human partner. Common
to all three of Orient Kogyo’s models is their synthetic vagina,
referred to as the “zoru.” The zoru, which resembles an elongated
pink marshmallow with the heft and feel of a wet sponge, is
inserted into the aperture provided between the doll’s legs and
fixed in place with a stopper. A lubricant can be applied, if
desired, to facilitate penetration. The zoru’s miracle material,
whose manufacture is a closely guarded secret, can expand to 300
percent of its original size, approximating what nature demands
from an adult female giving birth. As for the tactile sensation
afforded by this device, Japanese reviewers have previously been
quoted as describing their encounters with this particular
portion of the doll’s anatomy as “an unbelievably realistic
feeling” or “an almost terrifying sensation.”

The zoru (one size fits all) is removed from the body after use
and washed in cold water. Depending on the demands of usage, it
tends to wear out after about six months, upon which Orient Kogyo
will ship a replacement for an additional ¥6,000. According to
Mitsui, however, many users chose to experiment, making use of
other devices sold through “pink” shops or mail order.

Among the pleasures of doll ownership is dressing them up. As a
part of its afterservice, Orient Kogyo also offers customers a
range of accessories that include nurse uniforms, bathing suits,
leotards and negligees. “People especially enjoy dressing up
their doll in middie blouses or other kinds of high school
uniforms,” says Mitsui.

In addition to new and used articles of clothing and fiberglass
wigs, merkins (or pubic wigs, for those unfamiliar with this
venerable English term) are available in small and large sizes
(price ¥2,000 ~ ¥7,000). Owners are also encouraged to keep a
supply of neutral cleaning fluid ¥2,000 a bottle) on hand to
remove smudges from their doll’s latex skin. The dolls and a
two-page instruction manual are shipped disassembled in a large
cardboard carton. Orient Kogyo pursues a strict policy of no
exchanges or refunds for accessories. The company does not offer
a trade-in policy, but at least some of its business reportedly
comes from repeat customers. Along with the dolls themselves.

What sort of males are most likely to make use of such products?
Orient Kogyo has long said that its mission was to help provide
sexual fulfillment for the handicapped or other men who, for
whatever reason, could not marry. At the most, an estimated 30
percent of the purchasers take advantage of the discount offered
by Orient Kogyo to those who can supply a photocopy of their
shintai shogaisha shomeisho, the official document that attests
to the bearer’s physical or mental disability. Indeed, Orient
Kogyo takes pride of its role in helping disabled people find
sexual fulfillment, and its products have received recognition as
“kenko kigu”, health aids.

The largest group of buyers, however, appear to be married men on
“tanshin funin” job assignments apart from their families in
small regional dties or other areas, including overseas, where
such forms of commercial sex as massage parlors or “soaplands”
are not readily available. Whatever the purchaser’s motives,
Orient Kogyo takes its business seriously. Its sales policy,
outlinedin the product brochures, stipulates the following:

1. Strict observance of customer privacy.

2. Stringent quality controls.

3. Unlimited afterservice.

4. Dedication solely to the marketing of Dutch wives, with no
        involvement in peripheral businesses.

5. A policy of putting customers first, and building in product
        improvements as soon as they become available.

The lifelike detail offered by Orient Kogyo’s products cannot be
achieved by mass-production techniques. The company sells between
350 and 400 of its dolls a year, which means since my last
encounter in 1985, approximately 4,000 new owners have taken
delivery. The company does not solicit business, choosing to make
contact with their customers only at the latter’s behest.

More recently, fear of AIDS appears to have motivated some users
to purchase mannequins. Thanks in part to the new public openness
about sexually transmitted diseases, the market in Japanese
attitudes toward such devices appears to have become more open.
Tokyo now even has a ladies-only sex aid store, a Shibuya
establishment named “Curious,” that opened its doors in 1993.

Meanwhile also begun to arrive ingrowing numbers. Some are quite
esoteric. Weekly magazine Shukan Shincho of last Nov. 3 reported
that on the previous Oct. 20, police in Tokyo’s Kita Ward
arrested the president of an “adult toy” distributor on suspicion
of violating obscenity laws. The U.S. made synthetic male and
female genitals being offered were “too realistic.” The Shincho
article noted the male items, i.e., those used by imports, buoyed
by the higher value of the yen, have women, come in a variety of
sizes ranging from 17 or 18 to 25 cms.long. The largest is about
four centimeters thick at the base. The female items come in
three varieties, with a choice of one or two (i.e., front and
rear) apertures. Coloration and detail was said to be “remarkably
lifelike.” The items are priced from ¥17,000 to ¥36,000.

The firm had advertised the device as being an impression of “an
American porno video starlet’s ‘pusshi’ [sic] produced by a
Hollywood special effects team using ‘all-new’ materials.”

Manufacturers in Japan, of course, have long been engaged in
production of esoteric sexual aids. According to an article that
appeared in a men’s weekly magazine, one currently popular with
amorous couples called “Kin-chan and Gin-chan” after Japan’s
famous centenarian twins, consists of a radio-operated
IC-controlled titillation device that a woman wears internally
and is operated by a remote control device.

Because no direct physical contact is required, one method of use
said to be popular is for an amorous couple to board Tokyo’s
Yamanote loop line fully dressed and ride around the city. “The
guy will use the remote controller to arouse the girl until she
can’t stand it any longer,” explains the operator of a well-known
sex aids shop in the Lieno area. “Then they leave the train at
the next station and go straight to a love hotel.”

Mitsui also notes his firm has received regular business from
doll collectors, who see such products as Omokage and E/ka as
works of art. In a sense they are. For while rival products are
decidedly cheaper while still offering sufficient opportunity for
kinky usage, the Orient Kogyo’s trio of latex ladies remain the
current state of the art, particularly in terms of their
aesthetic value.

Perhaps the company’s relatively low-key approach is also the
reason why so few foreigners have ever expressed interest or made
purchases in Orient Kogyo’s dolls. “there was one foreign
customer, from Spain I think, a couple of years ago,” recalls
Mitsui. “He bought one to take back home to a friend.”

Although owners of Orient Kogyo products take pains to conceal
knowledge of their ownership, it is nevertheless clear that the
Japanese take a relatively liberal attitude toward the practice
of self-abuse. One need not look far for a contrast: Less than
three months ago, President Clinton felt compelled to dismiss his
Surgeon General for making remarks to the effect that sex
education in U.S. public schools should include instruction in
masturbation as one means of combatting the spread of AIDS.

Such prudery is inconsistent with Mr. Clinton’s rumored
reputation as being one of the less sexually restrained of the
White House’s contemporary inhabitants. And indeed, with his
administration under fire for a string of sexual scandals, might
not America’s commander-in-chief more effectively relieve the,
er, heavy pressures of his duties by supplementing the affections
of the nation’s First Lady with occassional assistance from a
First Doll?

From the Sex Masturbate FAQ 4.0.5. Dolls Often called “party” or “love” dolls, these are usually inflatable balloons that are designed to look like women or men. Often the only difference between the male and female dolls is that the male has a little paint on his chest to suggest hair and comes with a dildo that can be anchored in what is the vaginal slit of the female dolls. They are made out of latex plastic and resemble inflatable pool toys. They tend to have a strong latex smell that will remain with the doll until you wash it (probably more than once). Some dolls, supposedly are not inflatable--they are “solid,” but evidently such dolls are not common in the trade because we have no reports on them. Prices for dolls begin at around $15 to $20 and top off around $100. Most of them (especially the more expensive models) come in boxes that give no indication of what the actual doll looks like. Almost any picture on the box will be a drawing or photograph of a real woman or man. In fact, most of the dolls look like cartoons at best. If the doll looking “real” is important to you, you probably won’t find anything satisfactory on the market. Store manikins are about 100 times more real looking than the best dolls. 1) The basic doll Dolls are pretty simple, whether they are cheap or expensive. Basically they are a plastic, inflatable form with a sleeve located where the vagina would be (male-dolls have a dildo where the penis would be). The sleeve is usually the same latex plastic as the doll skin, shaped into a tube. It offers very little friction when used with lubricant (and lubricant is a must), so most people will probably not care for it. The cheapest female dolls have only one sleeve, located where the vagina would be. Some dolls come with “french” and/or “greek” features. French means that it has a sleeve located in the mouth for simulating fellatio. Greek means that it has a sleeve in the rear for anal sex. In many male dolls, the dildo can be removed, and there is a sleeve there because such dolls are basically the same in male and female versions except for paint and the dildo. The dolls generally will assume only one position. Most dolls are modeled so that they are lying down, ready for vaginal sex using the missionary position. Their knees don’t bend so anal sex would have to be done close to the same way (doggie style is much more difficult). Fellatio can also be awkward. In addition some dolls have faces made of a harder plastic and the oral opening is just not large enough for many penises. Perhaps this is supposed to simulate a toothy blow job. The dildos on the male dolls won’t assume any useful position. 2) Life-like features More expensive dolls may have built-up features, such as breasts and a face. The breasts will vary depending on the quality of the doll, but good ones will have solid-filled latex breasts with formed nipples. The face will have built-up lips, a nose, and eyes. Some dolls comes with wigs, which are either molded on or can be slipped on. Some dolls come with vibrators. Usually it’ll be something like an egg-shaped vibrator with a battery powered control unit. You insert the egg up the anal sleeve and feel the vibrations in the vaginal sleeve. How effective this is depends on your sensitivity to the vibrator action. 4) Talking Some dolls supposedly talk dirty. Expect this to be a cheap “chatty Kathy” type device that will be tinny and won’t sound real. 5) Clothes Some dolls come with clothing--usually lingerie or pantyhose. If the doll is highly priced for this feature, consider buying the clothing elsewhere. If you’re embarrassed or don’t really know the size, ask a salesperson and say it’s for a gift. Lingerie salespeople are used to men who are embarrassed and don’t know anything about women’s clothes. Unless you tell them, they won’t know (nor care) why you are buying the clothes. 6) Weight ratings Most of the more expensive dolls have a weight rating on the side, which is how much weight the doll can expect to carry before it pops. Heavier rated dolls may be more durable, which can save the trouble of patching them. Anyone who has tried to keep pool toys in one piece knows that all of them will wear out, the cheaper ones sooner than the expensive ones, and that patching will only do so much good. 7) Other There are a variety of other gimmicks and features. The best policy is simply to look in the box and see what you get, but barring that--be skeptical. If a doll promises something special, ask yourself what it would be that would fulfil the promise--especially something cheap. The dolls are a lot of hassle to inflate, store, clean up, and patch. Most people won’t get as much use out of them as they might think. Although the more expensive models may last longer and have a few more gimmicks, they are not really that much better than the cheap model for their purpose. It might be wise to get a cheap version first. By the time it pops, you’ll have a better idea whether you are really willing to spend the money for a more expensive version.

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